Painting I – Objects, Cast & Head (Portrait) Painting


Weekly Class – Sundays, 1:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Painting involves a set of fundamental principles and techniques. These principles apply in all media, whether an artist uses digital tools, or oil and acrylic.

These principles are the core of this class. As in Drawing I, students build up their skills by progressing from simple objects and exercises to more complex ones. This class gives a solid foundation in:

  • Creating an effective composition;
  • Setting the tonal and colour structure of the painting;
  • Controlling values;
  • Describing form through cool/warm temperature;
  • Controlling and mixing colour;
  • Rendering and paint application;
  • Paint handling;

Class Format

The class is on-going, with no start/end date. Students can join at any time.

Class Content

The material includes x modules:

1. Simple objects & value control: effective composition; creating the core tonal structure of a painting; mixing and applying values.

2. Complex objects & temperature control: describing form through cool and warm colour changes; paint handling and high finish rendering.

3. Portait painting & colour control: setting colour structure and key of the painting; creating colour harmony; using tone and colour to portray a person.

Students start with the module that fits their current skill level, and study at their own pace. 

All levels of experience are welcome; this class will particularly help beginners.

Questions? Reach out by email, or call 416-453-2844.