Animation Portfolio Class

Animation Portfolio Class is for students applying to animation schools such as Sheridan College, Seneca College and Max the Mutt Animation School.

These colleges as well as schools in the USA, expect intermediate drawing skills. However, high schools classes are general-interest and don't provide the necessary skill training.

Animation Portfolio Class addresses the need for serious, in-depth instruction.
It covers critical subjects:

  • Composition;
  • Perspective;
  • Drawing objects & animals;
  • Drawing head; hands & feet;
  • Animation Drawing;
  • Storyboarding;
  • Character Development;

In addition to technique, students also learn how to tap their creativity and push their ideas further. They learn good methods for generating ideas and the basic building blocks of storytelling.

In class, students work on exercises and on their portfolio pieces. We workshop concepts and drawings together, and make sure the final works are strong, polished and stand out from the rest.